About Given to Fly

There was once a boy who believed in the power of words so much he wanted to chronicle everything that ever happened to him in his daily life. Starting high school, fancying girls, starting university and all the fun and frolics therein, meeting Sir Paul McCartney, moving to Liverpool, working for a living, getting my heart ripped into a thousand pieces, fancying boys and above it all still maintaining a sense of humour and a sense of himself.

Friend, son, grandson, all round ray of light and sarchastic bugger to cap it all.

This boy kept diary after diary after diary and eventually moved with the times to set up home here. This is where it all begins…again. If you stay with it long enough you will get the ups, downs and the extended inspirations and blabberings of me.So read, enjoy and for God’s sake comment once in a while. Also, remember this. Life is like music, if you sing one note for long enough it becomes simply noise. The important bits in the song are the changes, the notes just before and straight after – that is what makes it music. That’s it, we all do our best and hopefully what I do is worth reading to some people. 

Why Given to Fly? Well that’s easy, I’m a fan of Pearl Jam and this is my favourite song from my favourite album ‘Yield’. Do the digging if you want to know more about the song in terms of numbers sold, chart positions and what it may actually be about… All I can tell you is that for me personally something it me when I first heard it. The guitar intro and the rolling notes like beautiful thunder until the crashing drums comes in and the song soars. I identify with the lyrics, I think the lyrics can be about someone rising above their own troubles or whatever maybe holding them back, and just flying in whichever direction they want to. To me it’s about achievement, freedom, expression and following our dreams and so it has been the name of my sites in all their guises. Life is like that, sometimes we are flying and sometimes we are grounded…but the potential for the never ending horizon is always there we should always aim for it.

Wishing you many hugs and much glittery fabness – Simon

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  1. simon this site is reali good lol

    claire x =D

  2. and yes very sarcastic you are nana kelly and he drug group she watchin every1

  3. 🙂

  4. Hi si! glad i looked this up and that you got in contact, i miss people like you who are both intellectual and funny! just a little older and cynical!

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