Posted by: SM | September 11, 2014

Saving Cuckoo. Viva Prestwich

This is the version submitted to the council and to Cuckoo for their hearing.


To whom it may concern.

I love Prestwich village, it’s my home and not to harp on about it too much but I’m in a wheelchair and trust me when I say in that situation you are more likely to find things you must adapt, than you are finding something that is perfect. There is always something that needs changing so you can feel comfortable. Prestwich village is a rare place in that I wouldn’t change a bit of it.

I’m so happy here, I know everyone at village greens by name, Jay at JDs sandwich bar and cafe is a whizz with poached eggs and the staff there will help me in anytime. The red lion let me test their toilets when they were empty to see if I could cope around their toilets. I can so I go in there a lot. You probably think I’m drifting from the point but you must understand it’s all part of feeling comfortable and welcome here.

Cuckoo is one of those extremely rare cases where no adaptions were needed from me. I don’t need to ask the barman for a key like a schoolboy asking permission to go to the toilet, I love the food, the staff put the ramp down without prior warning of my visit, so there is absolutely no fuss there. I even chatted to a dj they have there and I’m enrolling I’m DJ school because of someone I found at cuckoo.

I live above a pub in the village and I know what loud and inconsiderate nehbours are all about. This is not a label I apply to Cuckoo’s customers. Cuckoo is the scene of my birthday drink, my post family funeral drink, when my flatmate is driving me insane I don’t go downstairs to the pub below my flat, I go to Cuckoo. The type of customer they attract is different from a pub and the atmosphere Cuckoo create for that customer cannot be found anywhere else.

It has become part of village life and is essential to my enjoyment of (and feeling part of) village life. I urge one of your members to spend a day in a wheelchair and experience all the aspects you have to put up with and adapt to. When you have spent a day seeing everything as I do then you may see why I’m so desperate to keep one of the businesses around that actually manages to be ten out of ten in terms of ambience and access. Trust me, it’s rare.

Please dont let Cuckoo close down. There are so many places in bury and Manchester that I cannot visit due to access, we shouldn’t lose somewhere that gets this and so many other things right.

If you wish to reply you may, I’d hate to have to write again but I will if necessary.




Simon Moult

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