Posted by: SM | January 13, 2014

Giving up on Pizza


I love slimming world genuinely, I’d do the leader job if I could, card carrying and proud of it, but I’m giving up on pizza.

SW works for me because I no longer find fun in the food I used to have, because the newer versions are actually nicer.

Want curry? Made it and it’s epic. Want takeaway? Chicken dansak is 5ish, worth saving the syns. Blue Bay in Whitefield… FYI. There is not one takeaway or pub meal I cannot control with that method. I’ve been to Harvester and eaten syn free so often they think I’m after either the waiter or a job. Right on one point.

Cooking myself?  Genuinely the SW versions of all my favourites are nicer and you can stuff your face. Chocolate and crisps choices too.

I’ve not remotely missed any food because I ask can I make this syn free at home? Usually yes.

I’ve officially tried every version of pizza and that’s where my theory falls down. I haven’t touched it in a year but if I have any sw version it doesn’t do the job. Is this as nice or nicer than the real thing? Pizza falls short. It’s the only thing that does.

It also fails the Plan B test of Is it worth the syns? Much as I loved deep pan pizza hut (restaurant nicer than takeaway, it’s the pan or something it makes it taste like heaven in dough form)… Pizza is not worth the syns for the week for one slice. Not even served by Patrick Dempsey wearing just a bow tie.

SW are a match for every food I have come up against in a year so  I am fearless going into year two, it has changed my life and given me more genuine not painted on confidence than I have ever had.

But it can’t do Pizza.

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