Posted by: SM | December 14, 2013


Hello you, remember me?
I’m sorry that you had to leave.
Your exit has left broken hearts and none of us are fine.

I knew it would hit us and hit with us all with force.
Though we carry on without you,
We all feel the loss.

The funny and wise words you often said, now are held safe in my head.
You went when you were ready and smiling, far from scared.

I told myself I’d be prepared  but ever since I’ve cried. It’s time to hold my hands up, sorry nanna I lied.

It’s not alright, in time it will be, but not too soon I hope.
Remembering your words and face with loved ones helps me cope.

In a minute I’ll be strong and silent and put it all away,
These are just words I had to say.

You kept them waiting long enough I guess but now your job is done. From me to you from us down here Your example will carry on.

I”ve got to go now, my train is coming in and there’s people still to see.
I’ll be home soon, I think I’ll have a whiskey in my tea.

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