Posted by: SM | September 4, 2013

What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?

I have literally an hour before I have to go and do this blood test. I have been good and I haven’t eaten before it although now every single thing I look at looks like food. I plan my food most days because of SW so today instead of coming back from the gym this morning and completely murdering a box of M&S Purely pineapple and a brew, I didn’t. I didn’t even lie down and watch television or sleep, which was what my mind wandered to during my swim.

It was the second day back after Newcastle and I was happier today because the ladies were back and the talkative life guard was on duty. The ladies asked how my holiday was and, before I could get too far into it, she told me that the stand off with the Jewish Men was still going on. They use the pool after ‘adult swim’ time and they always look down their noses at her because they seem to think the showers are for them only. I haven’t the heart to tell them that they have been coming in the wrong side since forever and the men’s showers are on the other side of the door. There’s nowt wrong with them either, the men just prefer to stand and tut in her direction when she is washing her hair. Anyway, I stopped talking to her so that she could rinse and maybe get out of the way before they came down and mumbled disapprovingly. She didn’t take the chance, she smiled and told me in her Irish accent, “they say hello to me now”. She is a minx!

I don’t know why but I am bothered by this blood test. Something was slightly higher than it should be a few months ago so they asked for a repeat. Everything is brilliant, lost weight, swim loads, don’t eat any crap any more ever… so bring on the blood tests and lets have the results I’m not worried…. ok I am but tests are an on-going thing for me and I don’t like any of them. Doesn’t seem that long ago I was in for Operation Twinkle Toes. Ah the memories, the fun, and the ultimate failure of that op, that doc is in Harrow now, he got a promotion; Harrow is a lovely part of the world, my ex is from there and she is…. well, Harrow has nice parts anyway).

I stayed at a Premier Inn while I was away and I had a little comment that a step up into a shower is probably a bad idea in a wheelchair accessible bathroom. This was passed on to the Disability Co-Ordinator ful gave me a ring today to let me know the situation. Upshot is she is a very nice person, Premier Inn are a lovely company (which I already knew) and if I need any information or assistance in future stays with them, I have the woman’s number and can call anytime.

Didn’t get a free stay though. Oh well. And I pointed out that the staff already knew my comment coz I told the receptionist. I did only tell him because he was cute and helpful and I didn’t want him getting a bollocking.


Peace, Love and Blood Tests – Moultyx


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