Posted by: SM | May 3, 2012

Sofa Something Completely Different

Hello campers and greetings from the village! We are now getting the nods of acknowledgement from the businesses around where we live; smiles from Costa people, nods from pub people, phone numbers from barmen ok so that last one hasn’t happened… yet.

I got asked to leave Iceland (the food place not the country, not sure what you would have to do to piss Iceland off but apparently the food company is easier to anger; just the wrong type of ID…). That issue took two letters and finally I now have to accept I must give in, they repeated their age-checking ID policy twice and I don’t think they’ll get into further discussion. The rights and wrongs and complete insanity of asking a thirty year old to produce a birth certificate, or student ID instead of proof of date of birth, escapes me.

The New Sofa got delivered today and the installation was expertly commanded by yours truly following instructions and a diagram by the brilliant and artistically epic Ms L, who had a prior appointment at her place of work. I have to not sit on it until my partner in crime (but the less said about the basket, the better) is back.

It is nice though… and it’s crying out for the cutest of coffee tables… I’m sure you will all agree.

It’s time for me to go and do something constructive. Remember, people, it’s a dog eat dog world not a doggy dog world.


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