Posted by: SM | March 29, 2012

Pull the Other One

Morning campers and welcome to the world from the batcave…

New developments in the past few days, all very exciting. I “confused” an otherwise straight and married man on a popular  telephone community (like the way I said that?)… oh yes, he spoke to me at length from his roof garden in leafy Surrey about how he “never expected this” and was “most confused now”, I would apologise but I’m not married to the dirty old git and that whole “never done this before” line is older than Old Rose on the Titanic film.

It’s not my fault he found me adorable, he probably went to bed with his wife after our conversation, it’s not like I lost any sleep over it, and I mean that in every sense of the word.

Knowing my luck he’s probably the MD of some up itself company and I could have been in there as the ‘other woman’ type and set up for life. Claire and I would have been off to France on the proceeds of an affair that started on the phone, atop a roof garden in Surrey. Oh please!

His name was Ron. I ask you, is anyone outside Harry Potter called Ron these days? Simon and Ron invite you to their… no, it would never have happened.

Peace and Love



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