Posted by: SM | March 27, 2012

Taxi for Simon? NO!

Tell you what, moving house is a stressful bitch isn’t it?

Not so much the packing and the unpacking because that just has to be done, I mean more that one day everything is settled and the next your life is in boxes and people and trampling all over the place coming in and out of your own previously peaceful bubble… then you get to the new place and the same thing happens then but that’s okay because that’s a new place and you haven’t constructed your fuck off worldbubble there yet.

A week on from all that and it’s as worth it as I thought it would be. The location is amazing, I can leave and return under my own steam without curbs, no steps in the way and no need to get a taxi to do even the smallest of journeys.

In short, it rocks. It’s another world, miles away from the issues I had with the other one and it appears to have lots of yummy gay men here too. Taxi for Simon? Not this time.

Claire and myself, we absolutely made the best choice for ourselves since we decided to go to Spain last summer.

I have to go. I have 10 minutes left on my library computer usage and I haven’t even looked at porn yet.

… Turns out you can’t do that on a library computer. Been asked to leave quicker than expected. Shit.

Peace, Love and obvious jokes



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