Posted by: SM | December 19, 2011

I – What the Actual?

I’m sitting here thinking about something that’s could be very big in the next few days. I go for a pre-op soon and unlike all the other ones, it’s the last one before the operation. I have had the date through. I actually have had the date through twice. Once was a casual “oh I pencilled it in for the 9th of January,” said the secretary on the other end of the phone. Just as I’d come out of the town hall to sort out some council thing or other (all very sensible).

That was it, the phone call I’d wanted and the information I’d been after for three years, about two weeks before my 30th birthday party. It never rains but it pours. I went into bullish mode; can we do the party? Can we keep a lid on this till the actual letter comes through? The answer to both of those things was yes!

I spoke to a nurse about rehab and other such things, and she said that 2 weeks was fine. I’d have to be off medication so I could drink and I’d be most likely in a cast but I’d be there and able to go ahead. On to the second thing, how do we stop this becoming bigger than it needs to be, we keep it on the down low until it is in writing. Good idea? Good idea….

It didn’t really work out like that… when does it ever?

Peace, Love and Soul – Simon x


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