Posted by: SM | December 19, 2011

VII – Parental Guidance

I’m not sure what this little record / diary is becoming, because usually I blog as it happens, and only if the ‘it’ in question is worth it. This started as a way to record what was happening until I could tell people out right. Well, people know now. Tonight my Mum and Dad were told. Honestly, people, you would have been proud of me.

Told them straight, I got the date…this is when…got the information you need, is it possible that you could give everyone a lift on the morning? Positive response, yes….yes…great news wonderful, wanted to tell you when the pre-op was done…no time for jellyfish I was a man possessed it was awesome.

Dad has a plan of taking me to hospital for 7am and being back in work at 8am. Here I was, scared they would plough everyone into the car and make this massive trip and worry about me loads and there’s Dad taking it in his stride. They still will worry about me loads I mean, come on it’s a big deal.

They asked me what the plans were for afterwards, I told them back to our house, told them when I was coming for Christmas and I said I had plans in the evening; they warned me gently about partying too much so soon after the op and to just watch myself, nothing too harsh all stuff I could cope with. Was a bit like when you were a kid and your Dad asked you if you were excited for going “bopping at a  disco”… no-one else’s Dad? Taxi for Simon!

Either they have finally understood the whole independence thing and are happy to be getting on with things OR I did a really good job of explaining what was going to happen, and how it was going to play out.

The news can be out now, they can tell whoever they desire. Whatever the reason, the Operation Twinkle Toes part of tonight’s plan went very well.

My football team did not play ball… but that’s another story.

Peace, Love and Soul – Moultyx


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