Posted by: SM | December 19, 2011

XI – Make Up May Be Fading

I have to admit something. There have been minor moments of worry in the last few days. My Mum rang and got onto talking about it, the “my son’s life will be in the hands of someone else” was  a wobbly moment for me. I know all that is true, I’ve tried to plough on but when someone says it to you it kinda hits like a hammer. Today is Sunday morning just after midnight, I searched for my hospital information booklet in a fashion that could be described as frantic, and I read it more than once. Erm, yes. Moving on.

The bottom line is, if you look at the situation longer than A) go to sleep B) surgeon does his thing C) Wake up and D) get massive hugs off everyone and a sneaky Maccies off Anna – of course you get into the questions. What if? So let’s not look at it for long enough for those to come up.

I know Claire and Anna and I are bound to have moments like that on Monday in the hours I am waiting for surgery. I only promise to do what I can; make sure those that matter know how much they mean to me, remember my pjs, meds, and my ipod and let the Powers that Be take care of the rest.

Everyone who is important to me knows what they mean to me. I have texted, spoken and written (and sometimes all three) to people all this week. It’s all a bit of a moo point really, I plan to be back writing this thing and pressing on with life after this week.

My make up may be fading, but my smile still stays on…

Moulty x


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