Posted by: SM | December 19, 2011

II – Eat Me, Date!

Forgive me for not going all emotional right now, I’m totally not in that place. I’m all about dates and getting where I am supposed to be so that the thing can happen. So if it seems very matter of fact I apologise, plenty of time for the mushy stuff in days to come.

So the idea to tell parents and family when I held the confirmation in my hand was a good one. I’d go round, give them the letter and tell them it was all go. It isn’t about leaving them out; it’s about doing what I feel I need to, to achieve the end goal of the operation. My Mum and Dad have had other things to worry about recently so let’s not give them this until it’s really truly green lit. They’ll be happy that it’s going to happen.

The idea really did collapse in a fit of panic a few days ago. The letter came through…name of the hospital on the envelope…so far so good… “We’d like to confirm your operation date of January 9th. Brilliant.

So brilliant in fact I burst into tears and Claire hugged me and reminded me that this was a good thing and I was going to get what I had wanted for a very long time. Lots of tears, and Claire doing an amazing job as best friend, keeping my spirits up and reminding me that we can in fact do anything; in our defence, Claire and I actually are brilliant, it’s not just false confidence… take note world.

Brilliant, that is, at doing everything except reading hospital letters correctly.

That, we needed to work on…

S.A.M xx


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