Posted by: SM | December 19, 2011

VI – Amnesty

You find me on Amnesty Day (5th December). The day which is the furthest day from my operation where no medical tests are happening, therefore I went out for lunch with Claire and had downright sexual feelings over the three Jack and cokes I drank. I savoured them, seriously. I haven’t drunk Jack since August and I won’t again after today for a while so I made the most of it. Me and it were one drink away from finding a room together.

That alone should tell you how the pre-op went. It went well. There was no need for any stress really, they only needed urine and MRSA swabs so blood pressure and heart checks were all current from when they happened in the summer.

The nurse said the best words ever, “See you on the 19th”, ‘course…she said them after she had stuck a stick in my groin so there wasn’t much happiness in my face.

Anna came with me, which was very nice, I hope it put her mind to rest and I hope she felt easier after it. Although why they drag you in for a ten minute job I don’t know.

Next thing is to tell my Mum and Dad.

The toilet flusher bust last night and my wheelchair tyre went flat again today, there is no denying it’s a puncture now but Claire did an amazing job pumping that bad boy up at the garage. Who needs men with friends like I have?

We were sat in Henry J Beans today and Bruce Springsteen came on while we had our drinks. For a second I welled up coz it all just felt really good and I was dead happy.

Peace, Love and Soul – Moultyx


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