Posted by: SM | December 19, 2011

Just Goin Hospital For a Bit…

Greetings friends, enemies, family and those looking for porn…

I’ve scheduled this to hit the web at 7am on the 19th of December, at which point I will be in a hospital awaiting the operation I’ve wanted for years. Nowt major, well, it is but y’know…

I only told a few people so please don’t be mad if you are a family member and you didn’t know, I just wanted to draw the waggons close and keep it quiet. If all goes according to plan I’ll slip in and be back doing your heads in as soon as. Of course this is all a bit of a risk, until they put me in the gown I won’t actually accept that it’s happening. If that is the way this goes down then this post and the other 13 or so I wrote during the last few weeks will make very funny reading; especially if the post after this says that the operation didn’t happen.

You watch out if that happens!

The people in the know were few and I thank every single one of them for keeping it quiet and for helping me with all the niggly shit that goes through your mind.

If you want to know what went through my mind, the last 13 or so blog posts will give you a clue… read away, they start at ‘I’ and end somewhere… Not an end but a pause.

I’m off to have this operation. People close to me will stress, all I have to do is sleep and wake up. Claire has my phone and therefore control of my twitter account, I’m sure if she gets the urge she can tweet on my behalf and let you know how it all goes.

Have a merry christmas

In a bit

Moulty xx

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