Posted by: SM | August 27, 2011

Instant Karma!

Well we are in full swing now boys and girls. Looking down on party central that is the village, it looks all innocent and pure. PAH! A few hours ago I was having hands in the air moments with complete randomers to music that sounded twice as good as it ever does normally. I was persuaded to go to Taurus when I met Ian and the gang in the lift of the hotel, not much arm twisting is needed let’s be honest but there I went and there I found people I met last year!

From there it’s all pretty much a blur. The VIP area is better this year coz they have taken the banner down in the corner so that I can see (we complained last year and some one tried to burn a hole in it for me to see…nice boy). I ended up talking to a celeb that I didn’t know was a celeb, until her partner told me so. Looked this morning, sure enough there she is in the Pride booklet.

I think I may have talked to her about becoming a Pride Patron. My pitch was something like, “all these pretty boys on the telly and radio, not one of them in a wheelchair. You need me!”. I’ll let you know how serious she was, when we meet again at some point over the weekend.

Wont name drop further, it’s not big and it’s not clever and frankly I don’t know any of them. BUT TONIGHT is a different story, I’m havin me picture taken with Pixie Lott if it kills me. It wont but doesn’t that sound dramatic?

Off I go to make yet more history, get more snogs, more innapropriate and yet again not know how I’m getting across the street back here. Encountering a nobhead like last night probably, completely blanked me til he realised I had a room then he was all over me. Sorry mate, blank me in the rain if you want but that means karma will get you in the shape of hotel security asking you to leave the premises. Thanks for the help though, even if it was self motivated.

Peace, Love, and mines a vodka lime and lemonade I thank you.



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