Posted by: SM | August 25, 2011

Gay Christmas Eve

Friday I check in to party central overlooking the village and get ready for one of the best times of my year (Fuertaventura, aside). I love this time of year because there is no one over my shoulder trying to take the nail polish off or telling me my shorts are too gay. It’s safe, it’s happy, it’s colourful and everyone can be themselves.

Three years ago I was on the street in the early hours of Tuesday morning (end of bank holiday and Pride)  and heading back to Chorlton in a cab with Taz. We had to be up again in about 4 hours for our first day working at a well-known bank. And we managed it. Rough as toast but we did it, coz well, Taz is a Marine.

Two years ago I was wondering whether I could flirt with Peter Andre’s people enough to get to meet him. As it happened the two people he brought as guests were very entertaining, the woman dropped her iphone down the portaloo and spent ages trying to get it working again. It died. It was funny. At the end of the night a whole VIP tent full of people were standing on tables listening to Mysterious Girl and I had met friends I’ve never seen since.

Whatever moments I write about here, wont do the event justice. I can’t tell you what its like to be bombing top speed up Canal Street and be stopped because a Drag Queen thinks you’re cute and wants to sit on your knee and have a photo (???). Nor can I tell you the name of the security guy that’s worked at the bottom of the VIP Tent ramp for as long as I’ve been going, don’t know his name but I remember him. I remember getting a busted wheelchair on Canal Street and being dragged back to the hotel  across the road by the hotel staff so it could be fixed and I could return.

I remember hands in the air moments to Together In Electric Dreams, Phil Oakey just standing there; I remember Bananarama singing ‘new’ songs when all anyone wanted to hear was Venus and I remember the voice that heckled from the crowd and was told to “Sit down you silly drag queen we’re singing it last”…

Last year I remembered the people I met and hopefully they are around this year. Add to that my closest friend and it should be a really amazing time.

By the way, if you snogged me in the cab on the way back to my hotel and then ran back to your boyfriend… hehehe, same time this year?

AND if you followed me around trying to take my picture for your Pride coverage, you have my number and should text me.

Be happy, be safe and above all if you see an adorable smiley minx of a thing on wheels, buy him a drink.

Claire enrolls at college today, I’m very proud of her and love her very much. Shsssshhhhhhhhhhhh

For those about to Party, we salute you.

Simon x


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