Posted by: SM | August 3, 2011

Operation Twinkle Toes IS GO…ish!

Figured I’d update this thing because writing always clears my head. That is unless you are a band and have ASKED me to write something, in which case it just waits in a big pile.

Rang the hospital today for information regarding Operation Twinkle Toes. I was kindly informed that the latest possible date for the operation is 23 weeks since I passed Pre-Op. For those playing the At Home version of our game, that makes it 7th December.

And all they can tell me between now and then is that the admissions list is published 3 weeks in advance. In short, I am not in surgery next week.

Waiting game. Unless I want to pester the Admissions nurse, which yes I’d very much enjoy thank you.

I’m remembering the advice that I was given: Get the important people listed, phone numbers, etc. Oh and it is hereby decreed by this most awesome of Glittermonkies… that Claire gets my ipod.

“Too bloody right I should get it, every song on their reminds me of something now!”

Peace, Love and Glitter xxx


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