Posted by: SM | January 20, 2011

This is a minefield I wish to avoid

The Psychotherapist woman (with pink hair) discussed at great length with me how whether or not to have biscuits at the group session’s was a major decision. I disagreed. The issue of more importance was which kind to have.

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m planning on it being fun. That’s quite a simple sentence, but it’s true all the same. Most of today blew chunks so if you see life as a see saw then tomorrow should be off the scale with glittery fabness.

I was told today that I’m quite a difficult person to be friends with. This person was kindly “doing me a favour” in pointing out that I would struggle in the world because I “talk colourfully” and life is about nuts and bolts. They were talking to me about how I was a “fantastical” person probably because I lacked things to anchor me in real life. “I’m more concerned with my children, their school, my work, I have real problems. You talk about things being shiny, not shiny, nail polish and these things and I don’t think you exist in real life.” At which point I was deleted from the social networks and told that if we were to see each other again, I’d probably get a “hello”.

Here’s a newsflash. Real life is pants sometimes, but television mostly rocks. Existing in real life is crap sometimes. There are people you don’t like that you have to see lots of and there are people you do like that you don’t see enough of. If you are VERY VERY lucky you find yourself people who you love and who are going to go through the whole life thing together. THEN, you get more of  real life putting a smile on your face. It makes you smile, you make someone else smile and you wake up the next morning and it happens again. Smiles for miles!

You do that, you’ll win the game a few times.

Today, three people made me genuinely smile. I told two of them that I loved them, I mean it. I was informed that I had passed my psychotherapy assessment and I’m fit for loopy group. This made me smile because I still don’t know if “passed” is the right word.

It’ll be fun finding out!

I voted for the hobnob (with chocolate for the heavier weeks). I would have voted for custard creme but I disappoint myself if I break them whilst trying to split them in two. This is a minefield I wish to avoid.

Peace, Love and Glitter – Simon xx


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