Posted by: SM | August 31, 2010

Shake the Glitter!

Greetings from the third floor! The party may be over but the wristband is still on (can’t find a pair of scissors).I had a fabulous time. It seemed to surprise people that I was there by myself but as I have said many times, every day was just chances to meet brand new people. The fact that I was more than happy to be under my own steam has everything to do with the fact that being comfortable and happy breeds confidence. If one second you think you are flagging a little bit, maybe overwhelmed, a muscly man in silver body paint throws himself on you and you’re back!

Last night I was introduced to two women who brought with them three guys, and an ice bucketed bottle of Pinot Grigio. Aside from putting ice cubes in wine, they were all top people!

It must be an inbuilt thing, because I never even realised I knew ALL the words to Gloria (Flashdance, if you are unsure…watch it). In other news, I stole a security person for about ten minutes in order to zoom around the village, I can only hope Taz didn’t get the sack. Bev Knight was immense even though I’m not a huge fan of her work, that girl has got some serious pipes on her.

My weekend ended amongst friends where it had begun, around my sofa at Taurus. I’m claiming said sofa, due to the fact that I jumped out of my wheelchair and shifted that fella. He had his face in an ipod at the time (AN IPOD…. when there’s a DJ in residence, bad taste… oooh I should tweet that one to the bad taste people). Henceforth and forthwith it is mine, and it was right that Cath and Lisa were around too because Cath and a poof from Four Poofs and a Piano had already met so, twas easy to get an intro to the man. Apologies for not knowing which one you were, but it was nice meeting you. You, sir, made me blush! *giggles*

Lastly a word for everyone else, to all those who found me, lost me, bumped into me again, or kept me all weekend,  to all those who felt the need to be in pictures with me or anyone I pestered in my adorable own way, and anyone else who I’ll remember in giggles for the next week, THANK YOU and see you next year. Darling, weren’t we fabulous?!

Pictures soon as. Moulty x


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