Posted by: SM | August 29, 2010

S.L.U.T.S & Soldiers

Greetings! After the Parade and a bit of diplomatic military fact finding, (OK OK ogling….HAPPY???), I ended up lazing around my hotel and didn’t make it back to the village. It’s oParade 2010 - Icons on Twitpick because Saturday’s always packed and I was prepared to duck out of the way for a bit. Today, more tarting around (technical term according to Tazmin) and then I really should go back to the stage. They’ve taken the beanbags away this year though so lounging is hard and you KNOW I will make an arse of meself if I try and get in the deckchair. I’ve yet to see anyone do so and keep dignified. The hunt for Sir Ian McK goes on, he was apparently there on Friday night and I missed him… I will have my photo taken with him, oh yes.

The magic £20 note that remained untouched Friday and Saturday afternoon, was spent on dinner last night so at some point I shall have to drag myself out of rainbow land and to somewhere that gives cash. In related news I saw the Barclays’ float yesterday too, I didn’t recognise anyone on there but I still felt the need to boo my former employer.

Hoo rarrr...  on Twitpic

That is all except to say, my Mum came yesterday and it really meant a lot to me. She isn’t too well at the moment but she had an amazing time by all accounts. Oh and the Drag King and Queen was crowned on Friday, I was told that the winning queen had Cheryl Cole down to a T, eye lashes and all. The Salford Ladies United Temperance Society won It’s A Gay Knockout apparently.

Tara for a bit


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