Posted by: SM | August 28, 2010

Supporting the Troops

Two days in and finally time to catch my breath. Eventually when I am home, the pictures will be on here but for now you’ll have to believe me…I’m having an awesome time. I was in the VIP marquee not 5 minutes before I’d met people, yet more close friends that I today can’t remember. They seemed awfully bent out of shape on my behalf when I found out that a massive banner obstructed my view but it was…erm…solved by someone who I’m sure did tell me their name. Jack Daniel? No?Belinda was okay, she’d got this look going on like she’d just got off her sofa, found her backing track CD and got on the metrolink. Outfit wise, she was poor. By the time Heaven 17 came on I was outta there and in Taurus where I stayed, apparently “perfecting the mischievous adorable” look. I have NO IDEA what this look is but it worked for me, didn’t buy a drink all night I don’t think. I was dying this morning when I met up with mum for the Parade. DYING. Like a trooper though I got over it, and my Mum really enjoyed her first Parade though.

It’s Saturday evening… the disco nap is around the corner for moi, gives a chance for the day crowd outside in the village to go home, before the fun starts again! Might go and see Chicane, might go and see the sofa at Taurus again, me and it hae formed a bond y’know people.Not to mention the half naked soldier lads that are there. I’m gonna get me one, and I’m hoping to have a chinwag with Sir Ian McKellan coz he’s a legend.

In a bit



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