Posted by: SM | August 27, 2010

The Village, People!

Has it been a year since my departure from the Main Stage area caused so much upset to one guy, that he forgot his coat, wallet and boyfriend and chased after me? YES and it feels like it too but worry not, because as from Friday all the arguments, tears, medical crap, and all the chavs that think I’m gonna let them intimidate me on the tram back home… they don’t matter diddly. COZ PRIDE IS HERE, MY FRIENDS ARE HAPPY and it’s going to be time to make new memories.

I was with a friend today and, being the friend that I am, I helped her part with some of her payday reward… aren’t I nice? If you haven’t heard, Bury’s got brand spanking new shops and a coffee place everywhere so I am just helping to fulfill each shop’s own life mission. I’m also becoming an expert on which coffee place does decaf and, more importantly, which will let you sit there on one cup the longest before looking over disapprovingly because you haven’t bought food.

Tomorrow, it’s Belinda and if she doesn’t sing Heaven is a place on earth I will of course stamp my feet. I’m not a fan of Beverly Knight so if any of you are wondering if you can rescue me from my Canal Street haze of fabulousness, the night she is on stage will be your best bet. Get in touch. And if your wife is planning to spend all ya cash so that you all of a sudden can’t meet up with me (Nia), you need to let me know!

More over the weekend…. Hugs n Lipgloss!

Simon xxx


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