Posted by: SM | August 4, 2010

Where Sheep Are Nervous

Say it with me, people. "Apt" on Twitpic

I’m never leaving the Northwest of England ever again. I said it after Coventry and spent time after that forgetting what I had promised myself, and thinking that the answer once again lay somewhere else. Well bollocks to that. It doesn’t.

Going off to Wales didn’t really achieve much. I took a few pictures of street signs in that funny language of theirs and one of their local folk fixed my chair when the front wheel decided to fall off. I mean, seriously, when the wheels come off you KNOW it’s a Simon holiday. I’ve fallen out of my wheelchair speeding down the ramp (pushed by my Dad, I must add), in Florida before now. Burst tyres… you name it, it’s happened. This time I did what anyone else would do; go with the flow, find a pub with a jukebox and sit there with a Jack and D Coke until it’s funny.

Escape is over rated. I’d be crap going around the world. That being said though, the itch I had to get away is still here. Now I’ve done my toxic friend-ectomy I’ve actually got people around me that don’t need fixing. It’s pretty cool. They are just there for the ride, whatever happens and wherever it takes us – they don’t need my help buying a ticket!

Peace, Love and Soul to you all.


Erm, yes well... on Twitpic


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