Posted by: SM | May 19, 2010

Captain’s Kellogg

Dear Kellogg’s

          I’m writing to convey my utter disappointment in the new breakfast cereal, ‘Krave.’ I wonder if any sane individual should really bother anyone when they hold a negative opinion on a product, surely it’s far easier to avoid purchasing the product in the future.  I realised, how would the great and good within the massive brand that is, admittedly, a breakfast legend, learn to improve without such feedback.

Part of the major disappointment I felt in Krave was you’d think from tasting it, that it was your company’s first attempt at chocolate based cereal. We all know it isn’t. We know you proved your previous skill in the minefield of chocolate at breakfast, look at Coco Pops and Rocks. When you really put your mind to it, you do chocolate breakfast cereal better than anyone.

Therefore I find the obvious lapse that we have with Krave is even more surprising. The chocolate flavour is wrong, so wrong in fact I felt queasy and couldn’t finish the bowl. I am ashamed to say I put the rest of the box in the bin without a second thought. Any product that would lead me to do that (especially with my Dad’s opinion on not wasting food when I was growing up), deserves a letter in your direction.

Dear Mr Kellogg on TwitpicTo sum up; chocolate based cereal can go wrong but previous attempts have been nothing short of colossal. On this occasion, however, Kellogg’s, it would appear you have dropped the ball. Or bowl.

I await your response with interest. Keep up the otherwise good work.

All the best


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