Posted by: SM | May 18, 2010

Unable To Title Due to Tea Deficiency

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Okay here it is. I’ve got no problem spending the money I have (once bills are paid) on the taxi I need to get me from here to there. This is the way it has to be because A) the therapy is sorting my head out and B) Ring and Ride is so unbelievably useless at answering the phones I’m thinking the guy in charge used to run ITV phone in competitions. You can NEVER get through.

I’ve absolutely no problem postponing the drug that is Reflexology, so as to free up money that I can use to buy my brother’s birthday present and a card that will both delight and embarrass him. Got to be done. Keep it on the quiet, but I don’t have any problem using the emergency soup stash I have for when a Tesco grocery shop is a wheel to far once in a while.

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But I’m now into my third day without a brew, and NOW I’m going to report someone for cruel and unusual punishment. First chocolate*, then coffee**, now tea! They all leave me! I’d find a way to blame this on Gordon Brown but, yes well…

I want a cup of tea damn it. The Tassimo machine is sitting there thinking I don’t love it. The PG Monkey on my window is laughing too but he doesn’t think I see him. Tesco deliver tonight, and then all in this Queendom will be fine and happy again…

In a bit x

* gives me a headache, although Milka does not.

** doctor told me to get rid of that one, but then again the doctor told me I’d be operated on this year…


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