Posted by: SM | May 12, 2010


Now then. Been a while. Mind you, that’s coz of visits and stuff. All water under the Pont Neuf now.

There’s been a big change since we last met, over at the family home they have regained a household member. Sometimes life is like that, you’re moving a long quite calmly and before you know it the situation has changed and uncertainty washes away the peaceful easy feeling. It can happen that quickly, look at the Titanic; only one little fella in the crow’s nest knew about the trouble coming towards it. I may not be where I used to be with the boy, but we both have had the rug pulled in a similar way and I know he’s got what he needs inside him to get past it. I know it because our Mum and Dad put it in both of us. Anyone can tell you, sometimes you don’t wanna pick yourself up off the floor; sometimes the mat tastes nice and you just want to lie there. Mr Curtis was right, “love will tear us apart”.

It’s easy to say things happen for a reason. VERY easy in my case because if my past life ex hadn’t got the urge to move on I may’ve been married to her by now. Christ!

That’s about as many words as I can handle on either subject.

I’ve been missing my Grandad recently. He used to send me the odd reminder that he was looking out for me, usually tobacco smells. I think heaven needed a photographer, what with all the rock stars they have up there now it would make sense. Maybe he thinks I is old enough and ugly enough to sort through any head mashing issues with my friends, prescribed medication and mental health professionals. Well, maybe… but he should still check in a bit. We all need extra help.

Love to Holly (yay for achieving one off your list, come back soon), Amy (keep smilin’) and Maz,(fight ya for the crown in two weeks) and Nia (she found something recently, y’know?)

I’m off to think about shoes and nail polish, and work out just how much I think of either without crossing THAT line. I hope it’s a lot.

In a bit

Me xx


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