Posted by: SM | April 18, 2010

The Mug Wars Trilogy

Randomness is fun. Especially when you are scared to leave your house, have no internet, no television and everyone close enough to visit is working. So when I’ve not been on my beach, I’ve been finding fun in other places… here’s the proof.

This inspired me and Elliot to sing 'Bad Horse'. According to... on Twitpic Elliot’s GTF debut (I have to get creative with my pics of him coz we don’t allow pictures really). This horse is magic, it crawls all over the sofas, flies, and roars like a lion…. if you have a problem with that take it up with Elliot. I taught him the ‘Bad Horse’ song from Dr Horrible… hehe

Mug Wars. Amongst them, the gorgeous James! on Twitpic I was freaked out by tea stains on my mugs (mostly the white ones) and one morning this stress and bicarbonate of soda turned into mug wars… I’m going to win because look at these three. Spike, the rainbow (hehe) and JD… and if that’s not enough to win mug wars…

Mug Wars 2: Mug Harder. I win mug wars with the not only MORE... on Twitpic Mug wars round two takes the prize surely. That Kenny mug survived University, GIRLFRIENDS, living with my parents and living in Liverpool and it’s still good as new! If that doesn’t win you over then Back to the Future should do… and everyone’s favourite witches!

Mug Wars Part Three: The Mum-pire Strikes Back!  She figured... on Twitpic Mug wars indeed took off and the parents decided they could take the prize. The Mum-pire Strikes back with this effort… very mum! I love this mug. I would think it is enough to win the war because all the other candidates in their house have brew stains that even Barry Scott couldn’t remove.

Mug wars is not over. I’m told my friend Nia from Wales has some to contribute. The winner, such as it is, will be announced when I’ve had enough I presume.

Nia is of the belief that the more stained the inside of the cup is, the better the tea tastes. I do not subscribe to this although in a bout of mug rasicim, it does taste better from white mugs.

If you feel you can compete with a rapidly competitive group…go ahead. Provide pics and get in touch!  Game ON!


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