Posted by: SM | April 16, 2010

Return to Oz

This glittery individual recently had the best day of his month so far when the reflexologist paid a visit. If anything was going to put the twinkle back in my toes it was going to be this because it usually did. This month it is particularly worth noting because the results blew my little mind. Before I come down completely I feel the need to share them here, and with one person in particular.

As a reflexology / relaxation technique they try and take you out of yourself and if you are open to it the possibilities are endless. Not everyone is open to it though, some people have had reflexology and still cant see it as anything other than a fairly expensive massage, these people have my sympathy.

My mind goes places; let’s face it on some days it doesn’t like being here so if someone’s going to let it fly away it won’t take much arm twisting. Do minds have arms? Anyway…!

The escape can be anything. Mine turned out to be a beach. I’ve only managed to get there once on my own, it usually needs this woman. (A woman at my feet, I know, first time for everything!)My sub conscious is clearly a contrary bitch because anyone who knows me will tell you I hate beaches with a passion. The sand gets everywhere, I hate it when it gets wet and caked everywhere…the sea salt in the air drives me mad….urrrgh. But for some reason my beach works. The sand is pink, its warm, there’s places I haven’t explored yet and all of it completely works for me.

Only I’ve got the key to this place and today the therapist says that she’s going to introduce a guest. This could be an animal or a guy or a girl or whoever. I asked her not to suggest anymore than that because I wanted to see what I came up with. Before I went, knowing me, I was thinking that I’d come up with some cabana type whose only aim in life was to feed me grapes and drinks with umbrellas in them.

The result blew me away, it was someone I’ve known forever. It wasn’t a mermaid or any kind of extracurricular creature; it was someone who always has and always will mean the world to me. I believe this is worth recording here because my therapist woman says it was a huge deal because no one has ever been allowed in there with me and when I had the option to bring anyone along, my subconscious threw her in. And fuck me it was good to see her. Her timing was perfect.

So here you go, it’s a thank you from me to her (and my subconscious for knowing what I needed more than I did). She was there from almost day one, and our parents had this thing about us getting together, well, clearly on that plan my head didn’t want to play ball. But she is always there and I am so so so grateful for that. She is beautiful and I love her to the ends of the earth, and clearly now beyond because it was her that found my escape island.

Thank you for allowing me to be a bigger diva than you. Thank you for being absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the dances, thank you for everything you have been and everything you will be. Thank you for the bollockings, and THANK GOD we never went for wanting more. I don’t think you’d have been on the beach today if you we had.

Whatever we get up to in the future, and wherever our paths take us I shall always be grateful for having you along for part of the ride.


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