Posted by: SM | April 12, 2010

Complete Yoghurt

Buckle up buttercups!

The things that piss me off list has a new entry today. Recently I was having a drink in my favourite bar and this guy asks if he can sit with me. I say yes and he does. Now, I appreciate a suit as much as any self respecting person and YES it’s nice that you buy a drink. It helps immensely when that drink is a bottle of champagne. All going well so far?

No actually because the man involved had already lost my attention. I asked him where he was from, simple you’d think right readers? It took him TEN minutes to tell me where he was from because he was seemingly unable to give a town. Ten minutes and a London geography lesson later the answer was “the Northants Bucks border”… I don’t know if that was meant to impress, I don’t know why he didn’t just give a town like I expected but he went on and on about this border thing.

 At which point the length of the conversation was widely out of proportion to my interest in it.

 Still, it was my first night out in yonks and even though it will be classed as a disaster evermore, it served a purpose in that it got me out of the house. I’m in the mood for better nights out with better quality company and if I had never met that bloke I wouldn’t have been.

 Even if he was a complete yoghurt.


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