Posted by: SM | April 11, 2010

Old Grey Face

…but enough about Gordon Brown eh?

I was silly enough to tidy my apartment the other day. This is bad because now I will obsess about keeping it clean!

My one goal for this year is to get my foot sorted. It sounded un ambitious to say that in January, but everyone within Team Glitter was aware that it was the way to go. Slowly slowly catchy (Glitter)monkey! Inspired by Holly’s website (here’s where the lovely assistant will include a link) I have come up with a list of things that I would like to find out or do in the short term.

  • My shoe size
  • How tall I am
  • Ice skate in my wheelchair
  • See the Scissor Sisters’ new album FINALLY released
  • See the Scissor Sisters live when they tour their new album
  • See Lady Gaga live

And if anyone has any other ideas to add, get in touch. The suggestions will find their way to me I hope.

In my therapist’s opinion I need to find an escape. Rather like the Phil Mitchells of this world who turn heavily to booze, or other less famous folk who turn to amphetamine, or weed… she is not condoning any of it but she notes that I never have.

This list is the best I can do.

Peace, love and Ladybird nail designs!

*** I have put Holly’s site in the roll at the side – Ed ***



  1. Haha my ladybird nails 😀

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