Posted by: SM | April 10, 2010

Turning into John Wayne

Hola, friends and mortals and warmest greetings to you from the hideaway.

Recently I did try and pull myself back into the world. One person in particular will remember that they chose the exact moment of my actually asking for help, to go even further away from me than they already were geographically. So as a result of this slap in the face, I got me some more sun cream and decided to stay on moral vacation for a little bit longer.

I’ve a brother I don’t speak to, an ankle that refuses to stop being a pain in the, well, ankle and head issues that Prozac aren’t doing much for. If you want to hurt me, darling, you’re gonna need Kryptonite!

I’ve tried to make it my duty to put smiles on the faces of my remaining friends and I like to think I managed it. I have these minxy days when I just text people for the hell of it. You’ve been warned. Some of the texts may be about my wedding. The essential parts have already been cast although Amy told me recently that it’s the groom that gets a best man. Being the bride of this union, I get bridesmaids and matrons (???). You know who you are!

I’ve run out of paper and my hand hurts from all this writing, pick your favourite excuse, either way…. In a bit folks!



  1. theres a twin atlantic song called youre turning into john wayne. i think you knew this. and you knew id know this. hehe. SCOTTISH MEN RUUUUUULEEE! especially ridiculously attractive ones. ok. time to go, listen to twin atlantic, u know u want to xx

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