Posted by: SM | April 7, 2010

Sports Night

I love Sports Night. It should have gone on longer, but Aaron Sorkin had ‘The West Wing’ and decided to move on. It’s fast, it’s wordy, the camera moves all over the place and it had a brilliant cast. Two seasons of this were made, conversly we had to suffer seemingly endless Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens. Just sayin.

Casey McCall: Hey, you wanna get involved with this?
Dan Rydell: I so don’t.
Casey McCall: You used to care about these things.
Dan Rydell: Yes.
Casey McCall: And it wasn’t that long ago that you did.
Dan Rydell: No.
Casey McCall: I mean, it was, like, yesterday.
Dan Rydell: Right.
Casey McCall: Now, when I say “yesterday”, I am not speaking metaphorically. I mean, it was yesterday. What happened to your values?
Dan Rydell: I find that maintaining them is a lot of work. I take a day off every now and then.
Casey McCall: You take a vacation from doing the right thing?
Dan Rydell: Yeah. I don’t loot storefronts or anything, but once in a while, when I consider the effort it takes to diligently adhere to a moral compass, I take myself out of the lineup and I rest for the next game.
Casey McCall: I swear, you can run for congress and win.


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