Posted by: SM | February 3, 2010

Operation Twinkletoes – One Foot Beyond

Internet absence is not recommended, it’s anti social and removes you from people that are genuinely interested in you. I get that, but sometimes when life hands you a lemon, a part of you does think “know what? Fuck this, too much is going on and I can’t handle being fabulous and dealing with this stuff as well.” In the case of me and the on-coming operation, that’s exactly what I did straight after my party. I had hospital issues, and was losing interest in being fabulous. Besides, everyone that really knows me, knows that sometimes I do this and knows my telephone number so that they can keep up to date if they wish.

In a very real sense the last two weeks have been groundbreakingly shit and I needed to let them be shit without feeling the need to explain to all the facebook “see you soon” crowd. It was the second Pre-op Assesment. The first one since the NHS realised that I had fallen off the surgery list. We’re going through it wonderfully well, the doc tells me what is required, what he will do and what it will mean…all looking great until I take my BP. It’s too high. A weekend of booze will do that, but the Nurse says nothing needs to be “on hold” just yet and if I lower the numbers I won’t have to postpone it another month.

Without boring you all, I do the tests, the readings lower and as of writing this (3rd Feb) the readings were lowering. Great news, and just reward for me coz I’ve been so well behaved food wise recently I’ve put myself to sleep with the menu. Turns out, it was all for nothing because the Nurse told us yesterday that she expected them to lower more (she hadn’t told us that, just lower them to below a number, which they were).

Result = Simon has to go on different medication, and the operation is on hold until that medication takes effect. In a month and a half, all being well, I’ll be sent for Pre-Op Assesment number three and the whole merry dance will start again. One very pissed off Glittermonkey. I think that if you ask for results below a certain level, and you get them over the next fortnight, you shouldn’t then change your mind and postpone anway! Think about the people that have been down this road for it seems like well over a year, everyone involved.

I want this operation, this time we were so bloody close I thought for a second that I had jumped through all their hoops. I hadn’t. Cue more tests, more doctors, and a few more hurdles before they do their thing.

Fortunately for them, I do hurdles, that’s my bag baby… I won’t lie it took a day of feeling like shit when I found out but I’m back on it now and I’m not about to let some NHS pen pusher keep denying me. I have one goal this year, and this is it…so Operation Twinkletoes is on. My ankle will be fixed. It will stop hurting. It will look normal and the NHS, well they shall eat my dust….or glitter!

Peace, Love and Soul – Moulty x



  1. ((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))

  2. you’re having a laugh? They postponed again!?!? Tossers.

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