Posted by: SM | February 3, 2010

If You Were There…

 Taken by Holly. I don't remember this being taken either, sen... on TwitpicHow was not being at the party? Coz being at the party was AWESOME!

Alright all? It’s been a while since I felt ready to tackle the goings on here on Planet Glitter and this is the first time I’ve had to speak about the Birthday party that I had in January. It was, in a word…AWESOME. It just goes to show that, even for me, people can turn up and have a bazzin time. I sincerely hope everyone had a great time. Yours truly, well, I was kinda there for the afternoon portion of the festivities and somewhat less so as we got to the evening so for Rhi, Becky, Bhav, Vikki and Diane, well, erm…the lights were on and someone was home… just.

I remember obsessing over the new sofa… “it’ll WIPE CLEAN don’t worry”, I heard that a lot. Taken by Holly. I don't even remember blowing out any candles.  on TwitpicIt was absolutely out of this world to see everyone there. Most of the people I wanted there had turned up and you can’t ask for more than that, when the shit hit the fan at various points it was these people that had / have / and will help me through. For anyone that didn’t manage to make it, there’s a 30th in a couple of years so worry not.

Holly made punch that started off blue, then green, went brown at some points too..and then was cheeky vimto.. it was quite spectacular. Vikki nearly knocked me out with her lethal home brew, I remember sending a few leading texts to one person in particular, it’s okay Wardle…I was joking. You need to make sure you do get out from under that thumb at some point though even if it isn’t for my party.

Lastly I remember launching on to the sofa so that Taz could have her customary drive in my wheelchair… I stayed on the sofa for a while coz my legs didn’t seem to want to move. That, and my nails were fabulous and needed a break from the chair.

REALLY big thanks to everyone who came, it meant so very very much.

Taken by Holly. This is Me, Holly, Hannah, David, and Taz bef... on Twitpic

Photographs © 2010 Hulahoop Inc


  1. I’m really sorry I couldnt make it hon. I wish I had been able to. We will see each other again v soon!

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