Posted by: SM | January 1, 2010

Four and Twenty Million Doors

 Place names. Written in glitter, neater than I could did the ... on TwitpicBy this point I am thoroughly fed up of buffet food and possibly even alcohol. I’m all celebrated out. It’s fair to say I have been rather let down trying to see people and keep up with them this year, a lot of those “must meet up soon” messages come my way but very rarely get acted upon. So much so that it’s a family joke now, I’m scared to organise anything for my birthday because I really doubt anyone outside of about three people will turn up.

21st of January. That’s the one. Tell your friends. Or more specifically, tell my friends. Then barring swine flu, emergency ops, accompanying scumbag boyfriends to hospital, more swine flu, and a little unexpected violence, I should be seeing some of you lovely people very very soon.

Going into 2010 I know who my friends are. The good ones are plenty, the close ones are few and that’s the way it should be. Someday soon the phone call will come and I’ll be whisked away for a bit, so that a delicious doctor can perform acts upon me. When that happens, I’ll be rather quiet, but I know who I can count on to be around when the Doctor finishes. I’m going into this year with the most self certainty I’ve  ever had. I know about myself, and I know who is around me. That’s all I need to know.

I wish you all that you would wish yourself…and a little Peace, Love and Glitter on the side!

Moulty x

Most people have tables like this before dinner? My mother pu... on Twitpic

PS – I put this picture in because it made my Christmas this year. This thing had nine people around it, for various reasons it looked unlikely that nine people would be there so for that alone it is immense. Most people make their table look like this before Christnas dinner right? My mum keeps it looking like this all year round. It’s worth moving one of the mats just slightly each time you pass the table, just to see if she notices…. and she does!


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