Posted by: SM | January 1, 2010

Fa la la la la!

Me mum's Christmas tree. It kicked my lil Christmas tree's ass! on Twitpic

Welcome to 2010, everyone. Dunno about you but it looks a lot like 2009. May the new year bring you everything that you want it to, blah blah blah… I do really mean that. I do hope everyone has a great year, but I’m still getting new year texts off people who sent them at midnight on the dot and found their network jammed!

I learned a lot this Christmas. I learnt that having both my grandparents around the dinner table is something we should not take for granted, even when Nanna Grotbags has drooled on her second sausage and most of her mash has ended up in her lap. I also learned that Elliot looks adorable when he is eating his mashed potato and when he realises you are giggling at him for rubbing it in his hair, he does it more.

The 5 funniest things that happened this Christmas

1. Elliot wearing mashed potato, while at the oposite end of life’s ladder, one Nanna Moult wore her food too!

2. Nanna Kelly rediscovering her mouth and keeping everyone in stitches with her comments, she is loving life again I can tell you.

3. Me thrashing Dad at Wii tennis and then Mum thrashing him at bowling the same night.

Proof if proof were needed that Dad is, on occasion, beatable... on Twitpic

4. Playing with the wind up Grannies I bought my brother, Nanna Moult v Nanna Kelly.

The wind up racing grannies. Ace present. We never finished a... on Twitpic

5. Me opting to spend New Year alone, splashing around in a pink bubble bath (thanks, Lush) singing at the top of my voice. Good times!

Elliot's cosy coupe. He basically ruled this room on Christma... on Twitpic


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