Posted by: SM | November 9, 2009

Two English Pounds and Twenty Five English Pence

Today between 4pm and 5pm I experienced the best 40 minutes (allowing for taxi travel) since Manchester United’s second half display against Chelsea in the 1994 FA Cup Final, or the last bit of Sweet Home Alabama when Josh Lucas and Patrick Dempsey fight over the girl and she finally decides…

Regular readers and followers of yours truly will know that myself and the Tesco Chef have been doing a dance for about 2 months. He is lush. He is quite frankly the only reason anyone should go to the Tesco cafe, and he has rescued many a shitty Monday for me, just by being pretty to look at.

Well today dear friends, Tasty Tesco Chef spoke to me. Actual words. Not just a smile and a nod and getting my drink ready before I even get to the counter to ask for it…


I was wearing the most gorgeousist jumper ever, perfect for pulling off the pretty damn cute and cold look and it took a second cappuccino and some kind of chocolate marshmallow biscuit thing, but who cares… what we talked about was hardly earth-shaking either, it was about the weather (he brought that up, not me…) and I told him how mad Polish cleaner woman had kicked me out of my bed at stupid o’clock this morning.

He made some crack about the sane choice being to ignore the door buzzer and stay in bed… I can’t quite remember because at that point I was having a chat with God to ensure that TCC was either homosexual or at the very least confused (I wasn’t picky, see? Ain’t I a peach!). At the moment I was asking for more signs, he tries to look super cool and throw a till roll into a bin that was absolutely no distance from him. Would have been cool as fuck if it’d gone in. He missed. We both laughed. Twas funny!

Did I mention that he winked at me? 😀 All hail the cute jumper!

I drank my coffee, smiled a lot, ate the marshmallow chocolate thingymebob and then remembered I dislike marshmallow and chocolate dislikes me… I don’t care. I left smiling the biggest smile ever.

FACTS – Cute in uniform, can’t throw to save his life, cooks and gives me coffee before I even ask for it. Got his number (downside, it was the Tesco number on the receipt).

Research continues next week.

PS. Inspired by our beloved leader, Mr Gordon Brown, I’ve checked and re-checked this piece for spelling errors!

Peace,  Love and Soul – Moultyx



  1. WOOOO!!!!!!!

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