Posted by: SM | November 1, 2009

Planet Glitter Top 10 (and then some)

For the start of the new month and Music Monday tomorrow, I give you the newly updated Planet Glitter Shower Music chart – based on the most played tunes this week so that you may go forth inspired and dance around. Go ahead. Throw shapes!

"Quitting's out of the question!"

  1. Fight For This Love – Cheryl Cole  (1) Second week at number one in the shower tune chart. Coz it works!
  2. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers (2) This one continues to baffle me but the stats don’t lie!
  3. Hot N Cold – Katy Perry (3) Good chooooon Ms Perry, that album refuses to die. She releases MTV Unplugged this month though so look out for that.
  4. The Loving Kind – Girls Aloud (6) Dreams that glitter…
  5. We Built This City – Starship (4) Down one place to 5 but it’s a feel good classic and might stick around
  6. 3 Words – Cheryl Cole This will be released in December. It’s a grower with a touch of Black Eyed magic.
  7. Heaven – Cheryl Cole (23) No wonder this made a massive leap. It’s been in my head and should be in yours too. Tune’s good, lyrics are all lovey dovey but I can forgive that.
  8. Boys and Girls – Pixie Lott (13) Blame this on needing music when you get ready for a night out.
  9. Waking Up In Vegas – Katy Perry (12) Shake the glitter….
  10. Paparazzi – Lady Gaga (5) I think this one stuck around coz I saw the V performance. Down 5 places tho…

Nearly but not quite…

  • 13. I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry (11) Down two for the anthem ‘straightened out’ by Lloyd in X Factor
  • 14. One of the Boys – Katy Perry (9) Down five but still around. A song about being pretty and sparkly YAY
  • 24. Boyfriend – Alphabeat (25) Up one coz someone thought it was funny to dedicate this song to me after Pride. No more shall be said about this. If you were around at the time, you already know!
  • 25. Call the Shots – Girls Aloud Pulled this one back from nowhere and it sounds mega before you go out.
  • 26. Take Your Mama – Scissor Sisters
  • 28. Sweet Home Alabama – Lyn Skyn (27) Down one, catchy and reminds me of the film and J Lu. Yum!
  • 29. Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble (36) Slow and steady progress for the gorgeously bouncy happy song, ruined slightly by the video and the girl he sings to. He sings it to me, in my mind he does!
  • 30. Meet Me Halfway – Black Eyed Peas NEW ENTRY coz it makes ya dance. Will be huge!
  • 38. Cry Me A River – Michael Buble NEW ENTRY It’s a catchy ‘I don’t care about you so ner’ kinda song.
  • 39. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon RE-ENTRY coz it reminds me of people. hehe xx
  • 41. Remedy – Little Boots (37) Ooops it’s slipping down the chart. Still a stonking choon though.
  • 44. Music is the Victim – Scissor Sisters  NEW –Jakey’s second appearance of four. Pre-going out track!
  • 45. Rock With You – Michael Jackson NEW- MJ  doubters need to discover Off The Wall. When he was good he was very very good, Funky. This track does it all.
  • 49. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters NEW  funny how a song about sitting down, fills the dancefloor! And with help from Elton too…
  • 50. I Can’t Decide – Scissor Sisters Another with the stubborn theme. Used in Dr Who with John Simm too.

Until next week I’ll leave you with this… Taio Cruz contributed ‘Stand Up’ to Cheryl’s album. Her management had first refusal on a song that he wrote especially for her but he ended up taking it back. That song?  ‘Break Your Heart’, damn record company executives…. most unglittery move of the month!


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