Posted by: SM | October 17, 2009


Say what you want about social networking sites and whether they are good or bad, Jan Moir has her opinions on the evils of Twitter but I think that has more to do with writing a piss poor article and getting a richly deserved backlash for doing so. Now and again Facebook and Twitter prove their worth.

Twitter and Facebook saved my sanity again this week. Last week I had to endure a very hard family lunch that litterally ripped everything out of me. All the therapy in the world was available and my lovely friends continue to be a tower of strength but someone new came out of the wood work. I don’t know where she has been hiding but for fabulous glittermonkeys with insomnia she is a Goddess send because accidentally we ended up putting the world to rights into the early hours a few times this week and I owe her A LOT.

I actually had the pleasure of talking through her shoe collection for hours and I have to say it did me the world of good. I cannot say enough good things about her and that goes for all the other close friends I have too. I’m finally getting to grips with who I am and you are all there making sure I’m lovin’ the trip!

Maxime started a blog this week, and I am proud of her and her use of glitter and glitter related fabness in her own online world. I urge you all to read it now, and in the future. She is a deeply fabulous person and she deserves whatever she wants, as do we all.


You are all under orders to have a great weekend!

Peace, Love, Soul and Glitter Moulty x



  1. Nice site, I ahve read a few of your blogs and they do inspire ! You are a brilliant person, with so much to give, so keep it up. xx

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