Posted by: SM | October 12, 2009

Ringleader of the Tormentors

Awful news about Stephen Gately, he had a lot to deal with but I’m glad he was able to be who he was and live the way he wanted to. My thoughts go out to his family and his partner, and his bandmates.

Not sure what to think of Louis Walsh admitting that he wouldn’t have selected him for Boyzone had he known he was gay. These comments were made a while ago and it seems they are are only looked at now that this terrible thing has happened. I also think the reference to Stephen’s marriage in inverted commas is worth appaul. Really. With such implied attitude as this is it any wonder that people feel the need to keep their head down and live closeted lives when people get to print attitudes like this, while saying nothing at all…

Maybe Mr Walsh is correct in thinking that it’s difficult to market a boyband with a gay member in it, primarily singing to girls an all that. (Does the gender direction of lyrics matter, really?)  Maybe, just maybe, though, at the same time there are some boys in the audience looking for someone to look up to?

There have been rumours about band members sexuality  and other ‘secret’ aspects going back as far as the Beatles (further?) Even then there were choices made by management to cover up parts of the personal lives. When girls are screaming at you, you want to give the illusion of availability, and a secret wife and child kinda get in the way of that. It’s as old as time! Secret families, or Brian Epstein’s secret sexuality, secrets are kept for a reason. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away was no accident.

If we are talking about comments being taken the wrong way and causing a stir, well, The Beatles bought that t-shirt too.

Sammy Davis, David Bowie, John Lennon, John Lennon, John Lennon, Noel Gallagher, John Lennon, Morrisey, and Morrisey;  all have caused some kind of stir in their showbiz life at some point or other. In most cases it doesn’t overshadow the legacy of the people involved, though a case could be made that it has it’s on equal par in Lennon’s case. While we’re at it, there were and are rumours that blues legend “sold his soul to the devil” in order to play the blues… rumour and legend sometimes colour the legacy of an artist but d’yer really think people like Eric Clapton give a stuff about any of that stuff when in a Johnson state of mind? Do the reading about Johnson, it’s intriguing if only to help you understand how he recorded when he did.

Lyrics, stupid comments, personal lives, none of that really matters when you think about it. It’s about the music and whether it gets to you and if that’s the only thing you get from the musicians that you like…then that is enough.


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