Posted by: SM | October 12, 2009

Bursting for a We?

Morning! Glitter monkey’s a Glitter bitch this morning! Claws are out.

If I have to be ripped from a nice warm bed at stupid o’clock and on hand to fuel my mad (but essential and loveable with it) cleaner… I will accept that but don’t expect smiles and fabness at this stage of the morning. Coffee drank, world put to rights, cleaning done… I can now reveal her pearls of wisdom this week. She thinks that she finds enough 2p’s, 1p’s and 5p’s to be able to save up for a holiday in the Bahamas, she thinks this can be funded by that collection and selling some of my many happy pills. Oh yeah and she thinks that, on X Factor evidence alone, Cheryl Cole might be announcing a pregnancy before long! If that one turns out to be true, she’ll look like a mad genius!

Two things I have learnt over the past few days that I can share with you all now; constant ankle pain aside, I have realised that I can withstand some of the most painful experiences known to man. My pain threshold, always high, is apparently higher than I thought.

The other thing I have learnt is that otherwise sane people clearly have some form of lobotomy when they get loved up. If you were able to have a conversation with a person prior to their joining, forget about it now… in the most part “I” is replaced by “We”. Are you going to the party, mate? is a question, “No, we aren’t available on that weekend” comes the stark response. Joint statement. The end of society. It’s bad enough that some people are happy to be now known as “Mrs My new Husband’s name” (when the hell did that start?).

Thankfully the people close to me are sensible enough not to fall into the “We” trap very often. “We” is fine when you mean the both of you, it just winds me up when “We” is the answer to a question directed at one. Listen to me, I sound like some twisted version of Spock…the needs of the many and all that.

When I marry Dermot O’Leary, providing Mr Josh Lucas and Mr Craig Kelly will be suitably quiet despite their broken heart… I refuse to give up the I part of me, just for a “We”.

In a bit – Moulty x



  1. Love you babe! I know I’m guilty of an occasional ‘we’ but like to think more often than not I am my own person, with a limpet stuck to the side of me 😉 xxx

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