Posted by: SM | October 7, 2009

And When They Giggle

My nanna happened to mention to the kitchen staff at her home recently, that on one day her egg wasn’t dippy enough. She now gets them cooked to order by the head chef bloke, now that’s a response! It’s fair to say she is settling in well to her new surroundings and any worries any of us had about the life draining from her or taking a while to adapt, seem to have been put at rest.

It helps that my Nanna is the figure head of her own group, she always manages to get people around her, she’s always the one that tells the others the time if they ask, or remind them if they took their tablets this morning or not. It’s almost as if she is the head of the OAP Mafia for the Bury and District Branch. If she thinks your hair cut is shite, she will tell you, even if you happen to be her daughter. It’s good to have a mirror like that, and bearing in mind what I have written about my Nanna on past days, it’s nice to still have the mirror around.

Some days I think her social life is better than mine! A few times recently my Mum has turned up to see her only to be told that she is on a trip to the Blackpool lights for fish and chips! Now, that coming to a woman who feels a pang of guilt if she hasn’t been to see her at least a million times a day, is quite a change. The biggest change is that my mum has been able to unlock some of Nanna’s history, talking through old pictures and generally being able to talk about all the things that you can’t really talk about when you’re going round to deliver shopping and check up. Now, staff at the home do that stuff and my Nanna is benefiting from the results and so is my Mum.

We are celebrating having a meal with her in a few days. Also there, holding court equally as well, will be Elliot. However cute I have said he is, times that by a million when he has food around. He wants his, he wants yours, it’s fab. Last time I was with him for Sunday lunch I had to drink my diet coke on the sly and hide it behind the mash potato bowl just so he wouldn’t see it and want some. He’s the same with tea. I could sit and watch him all day.

Funny isn’t it? People at oposite ends of the spectrum have the power to captivate those around them. They are brilliant and inspiring, as long as you keep them fed, watered and listen to their stories every now and again. Both Nanna and Ell are like that, and when they giggle…boy do they giggle!

Whilst on the subject of inspiration, click the Ecuador Rosie link on this right hand side and do what you can to help an amazing person go and do amazing things to help people. On a personal note she makes me laugh instantly with her tweets so I must thank her. She did say that if she won the lottery she would buy me Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama) and, as he has not arrived she must not have won. If the only blackspot I have against a person is that they didn’t deliver J Lu to me, then they must be good people. Rosie is good people. Click on her website right now. Do it. Go on….


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