Posted by: SM | September 25, 2009

Kiss Off The Week!

As many times as I see the finale of Will and Grace it always leaves me speechless. I’ve seen it many times, it’s on rotation in my house between Sex and the City, Frasier, Buffy, Angel and Torchwood but I still lose it when Karen and Jack sing ‘Unforgettable’. Immense. In these shows, almost without exception, my favourite characters are always the ones ever so slightly off the leading role. Niles Crane, Jack McFarland, Karen Walker, Anthony M (from Sex and the City), all grab me more than Frasier, Grace, or Carrie do. But then I suppose that’s why they work so well, coz they can come in, steal the scene and leave.

The W&G season finale suffers in the attempt to cover a lot of ground and tie the loose ends, but it’s saved in the last quarter when Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally sing the song. The best versions that show the complete scene are on YT and cannot be viewed elsewhere so check them out. The one here that I found features the soundtrack of the scene but the highlights of the finale.

In a bid to send you into the weekend in a warm, fuzzy…no…Glittery mood I’m going to post a link to someone’s blog HERE.

Her name is Rosie and she has the chance of once in a life time trip to Ecuador. I’ll let Rosie’s own words explain it all. I’ll be putting the link all over Given to Score too  over the weekend’s articles, very in yer face I know but I like stories like this and there’s enough crappy news going on in the world (or the country, or our street, or our own head) so forgive me for trying to draw attention to something nice that we can help someone else experience.

You are all under orders to have a fab weekend!

Peace, Love and Soul Moulty x


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