Posted by: SM | September 21, 2009

Filthy and Gorgeous

How the devil are ya lovely people!

Had a fab weekend. Friday at Elbow with David, they were immense and I’m so proud of them. To think that those boys used to practice in our Church hall, and there they were at the MEN arena.

The Arena is crap in terms of the wheelchair access / disabled viewing set up though. Richard and the Elbow boys can be proud of everything they have done with this album and tour, it took a while for the world to catch up but well dones all round. I’m still going to suggest they play Music in the Park next year in Tottington!

Saturday I was with a friend in the village, getting glances from some German dude who sat at the table outside Taurus before he realised it wasn’t waiter service. If it was? That would be coooool. I hope he had a good night, I’m told he was looking in my direction but believe me people, I had to mind his bags when he went inside, and that man had NO taste! Apparently I was very quick to offer to get the drinks in and visit the bar, I maintain it’s only because I knew the barman and the owner. They do the best strawberry daiquiri in the village (and there are many that do them).

I’m sorry but being complimented the minute you go into a bar, will have a good effect on anyone’s self esteem. I wish I could be the person I am in the ‘big gay bubble’ of the village, when I am outside it. We are currently working on it. I does like being a sexy bitch.

Tonight (Monday) I’ve been round at the family, catching up with Mum, Dad, Diane and Elliot. Elliot continues to make me giggle, I found out first hand how we are on to the “rarrr” phase of animal noises. Whatever the animal, ask Ell what sound it makes…. “rarrrr”. Elliot, his spoon and his face also spoke highly of the cup of tea Diane had, and the cauliflower cheese. We also get “awwww” when teddies are involved.

In fact, here it is, right. I decree that no-one else is aloud to make noises like “awww” in my direction in relation to any family issues, or who I kiss at night. No one else is allowed to “awww” because neither of those things need sympathy. Cute awwwws are still allowed. Be like our Ell, stick to “awwww” and “rarrrrrrr” and you’re on to a winner!

I cannot speak highly enough of that boy and if I could speak highly enough of him, well then I’d just go and invent a whole new level just for him.

Was a good afternoon. Night everyone xx

Moulty x


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