Posted by: SM | September 15, 2009

For the Other Half of the Sky

Hola mon petite bottle tops!

This week I’ve been mostly back on the therapy roundabout and for those keeping score we still have no date for my operation. So I’m still tied to the  postbox and phone…any day now. My therapist came up with a classic today, “every day it doesn’t happen is one closer to when it does!”. No comment.

Other than that I’ve been watching television. Whoever it was at E4 that decided to put Running With Heels and RuPaul’s Drag Race back to back on Tuesday nights needs a medal. Loving those shows! I know a lot of the humour or our reaction to stuff is based on editing but the bits last week with the girl not knowing how to open the door to leave the office. Funny! We’ve all been there, hell, I go to the same three offices each week and without fail I always push the door to leave even though it says pull…

RuPaul’s Drag Race is, well, the best thing on television and completely makes up for those old women moaning about wheely bins in that documentary! How some people get out of bed in the morning I don’t know. If the most disastrous thing they have to complain about is a green wheely bin making their road look ugly, then they should move to Liverpool…when I lived there I remember they had to be painted pink so as not to offend either Liverpool or Everton fans!

This Morning is back on our screens this week and we all know about Phillip Schofield’s new co-host. I saw Monday’s show and thought Holly was fab. You could say she’s still getting us out of bed, but it’s a million miles difference from the Saturday morning shows. I like it when a presenter has an attack of the giggles, it involves you in the joke. It’s only been two days but the glamour police can stay away from the TM set, both Phil and Holly are bright as new pennies every day. To be a fly on the wall of wardrobe meetings would I think be a fine fine thing, all those suits, dresses, shoes…YES I KNOW, TICK BOXES blah blah blah… I’m sorry! I like clothes, what can I do?

I’m in therapy to learn to love all parts of my make up (not make-up, before you start), so you know, love me…love my interests.

The Sky Sports News people should take note. When Simon Thomas giggles on there he’s all formal and you know for a fact that behind the footage of the goal, or the put, or the car crossing the line at a really fast speed, he and his co-host are trying to stay on task. And we never find out why they are laughing!

Simon Thomas used to present on Blue Peter, so maybe the formal is baked in. Phil used to sit in a cupboard with a squeaking animal. Different approaches it’s true. I know which I prefer.

Lastly, Kanye West. What an ungracious, ill mannered, oaf of a cretin that man is. That was a huge moment for Taylor Swift, whether you agree with the result or not is neither here nor there, it was her moment. It didn’t need to be ruined by him, talking about Beyonce (who by the way looked horrified by his actions). Taylor Swift, bless her, looked close to tears I wanted someone to go and hug her. Cue the next day, everyone’s talking about Kanye instead of Taylor who did in fact win remember? What a classless tosser Mr West is. I hope when he goes home he has family to point out that it wasn’t the best thing to do.

Celebrities may have millions in the bank, but they are still more than capable of showing all the class of a prozzy with a needle and knock off jimmy choo shoes.

Whatever happens in life, and whatever we portray to everyone, our families cut us right down to size.

Anyway, enough babble. Off to find other ways to avoid therapy homework.

In a bit x


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