Posted by: SM | August 29, 2009

Move While Yer Watchin Me Dance With the Enemy

The official Big Weekend started tonight and everything camp came out of the wordwork. Welcome to Day three of the Pride adventures. This time guest starring (before I forget), Paul, Rick, Rick’s boyfriend who I can’t remember the name of, Barney, Sal who drove me home from the tram station and the man and the woman who moved the homeless man kippin in the lift when I needed to use it.

I started the afternoon off in Tarus after being given the run around due to the need to collect my Pride pass from a hotel that the taxi couldn’t drop me off at. Complete mess. Anyway, I dragged the bell boy from the hotel over to canal street coz I told him I couldn’t make it the ‘2 minute walk’ without killing myself in traffic. That puts me in Taurus, and I’m not there 5 minutes before Paul comes over and introduces himself and we sit there talking for about 90 minutes, it turns out he is a volunteer at the Ice Breakers Gay Group Therapy I signed up for, and he works with the LGF (lesbian gay foundation) too. Before long I spot a guy in a United top so I talk to him while I’m being served at the bar and he puts my first question to bed immediately by saying “Oh come on, as if I would wear a United shirt to Pride, I’m working hun!” – turns out he was the DJ.

It’s amazing how someone who has been completely destroyed and needs counselling and therapy and sometimes a long conversation witb friends just to get through the day, can be on top form in that environment. Without sounding corny, the Village does that to you. You end up meeting the most important people in your life, and you will know them for an entire five minutes to an hour and then they are gone.

I trolled round Canal Street in the downpour before making my way over to the Main Stage and trying out the portaloo. They are not made for wheelchair users. End of. Went into the VIP bit and it was all lit pink now, I’m sorry for anyone who might stop reading at this point but we all know I’m not the most man-ish man in the world and I does like me some camp adventure. Well I go in, and Girls Aloud is on and if that’s not a big flashing HELLO SIMON sign then I don’t know what is.

Lady Gaga, La Roux, Little Boots and Girls Aloud got verrrry good reactions from the crowd. There was a King and Queen contest with the winner leading the Parade tomorrow, and Bananarama! The Bananas’ were top stuff. Couldn’t give a crap about the new stuff they had to throw at us, everyone around me just wanted to hear two songs!  Once the newly duo singer band type thing had played Venus and Love in the Third Degree no-one gave a toss!

One of the bananas actually made me laugh when she said to a heckling drag queen who kept shouting for Venus – “OK OK it’s coming, are you going to do the dance routine with us? Thought not. Calm down, silly Goddess!” –

Met up with Taz after that, which was great coz I haven’t seen her in so long. No more drama to speak of till I remembered that I had forgotten to check the last tram time, for which a very very dear Twitter follower will remain a legend for helping with. Made the tram, got back to Bury and had to ask two complete strangers to help shift a homeless man asleep in the lift. I did in the end run over him slightly but I swear there was nothing I could do and the two that were with me told me he was out of it so it couldn’t be helped. I still am truly sorry.

Got back. Read that Noel had left Oasis. Devastated, and I mean that. I believed that the last gigs of the tour would lead to a band hiatus but not a permanent end. I will be more shocked as I have time to think about it but for now I just need sleep because I am at Albert Square, Manchesterford, tomorrow for the Parade.

Good night everyone, and the very special person without who’s help I wouldn’t have got home!

Peace, Love and Soul – Moultyx



  1. love your blogs, you have a way with words

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