Posted by: SM | August 26, 2009

Queen Beats A Straight In This Game!

Good evenin’ pop pickers!

Put your babies down, kick the grumpy straight boy out of the room, stop playin Farmville and leave the shopping packed for just long enough to read Day 1 from my Pride adventures!

Took it easy today, went down to Taurus in the village, but my timing was off and Happy Hour didn’t start for an hour so I had Jack Daniels to pass the time (like you do) then I reckon the owner had the hots for me coz he gave me a cocktail early and told the barman not to put it through the till, until Happy Hour started…SCORE!

Ever tried people watchin in gay bars? It’s like doin’ it on acid. Instead of the fat woman who thinks she can wear a pink clingy top, or the blokey bloke who thinks he won’t sweat in the football shirt (even though highly trained footballers sweat buckets!!!)… it’s the guy sat over in the corner talking about managing a gay football team and how hard it is when he wants to substitute one of them! “11 footballin’ queens throwin a strop”.

I would like it noted that I didn’t use the bring one of them off line. Too easy I thought!

I also met a nice lad who happened to be a gay goth, it’s the same as straight goths but I reckon they use the black shade spectrum a bit more. Either way, his dog collar brought out his eyes!

After many strawberry daquiris I went home safe in the knowledge that tomorrow can happen because today, taxis worked, tram worked, people were friendly and Darren at Manchester Pride offices is an absolute ledge because he helped me figure out which bars and clubs I should steer clear of for access issues! Top man!

It’s A Gay Knock-Out tomorrow. Don’t know if I’m up for that, not watchin Mamma Mia in the Park though. No Anthony Cotton or Craig Kelly either. Craig Kelly’s goin into that ballroom dancin thing y’know… No hope for us though, coz I’m not tall enough and he likes women! Boo hiss!

Goodnight my pretties! – Moultyx


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