Posted by: SM | August 24, 2009

Everything’s Getting Sparkly!

Y’alright boys and girls!

Been a bad glitterbug and not updated this for a bit, that’s coz life has been very very mental. I’ve been analysed, prodded, questioned and touched and none of it was in a fun way at all. Doctors, people, doctors are about. Pre-op stuff needed to be done and medicals needed to be completed. If anyone reading this now doesn’t already know, you can follow the glitter on twitter. My website fairies have put the link somewhere on this site!

This week is Manchester Pride so I will be having the sparkly fun that only Canal Street in the sunsheeyine can bring! If I am brave and actually do manage to go, that is. There is still every chance I will cry, curl up in a ball, hide in my room and let the event pass without me turning up. But let’s not think that way, let’s think that I will be there and I’ll be at my best coz September onwards we have to be sensible we do, doctor said.

I’m off to drink frilly drinks while cleaning my flat and watching Katy Perry and Lady Gaga on V Festival. Before any of you start on me, I also tuned in to see Oasis because rumours have it they are on sabatical after this tour, but their appearance got cancelled due to Liam’s illness. So, I’m in the hands of alcohol, cleaning solutions, and Lily Allen, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. If Girls Aloud were around that would be the clean sweep,…. CLEAN sweep not Queen sweep!

Anyway, onwards and sideways!

Love and glitter, Moultyx


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