Posted by: SM | July 17, 2009

I Sit and Talk to God

I have to thank the big man upstairs. First off he continues to keep an eye out for my Mum, Dad, my Daniel, Diane and Elliot, as usual. He’s helping me through some days which define new levels of shit, making sure that at least half of this week I have been able to get out of bed. He’s given me the strength to graduate from Uni when the whole of Bury council told my mum when I was younger, that I wouldn’t. He’s currently looking after my Grandad.

He’s given us Eric Cantona, for which I will continue to be ever grateful. He’s given me and everyone who is hip enough, the music of Bruce Springsteen. He’s given me close friends that I will always treasure, and they know who they are.

But clearly, someone up there has given the Almighty a Wii. Clearly he’s been moving that everlastin’ booty on Wii fit for the past two weeks.

He’s had one or two pops at trying to take my Nanna and she’s havin none of it, the old girl is not for budging. Whatever the reason, whether she is too stubborn or too talkative for you up there, whether you just don’t have the stocks of minty Gaviscon to cope with her, or whether he’s too busy on his new enertainment system… I thank him for leaving her with us for a little longer. I’m being greedy, she’s had a fab innings, but there is a family down here that isn’t ready to lose her just yet.

Peace, Love and Soul – Moulty x



  1. love this piece and I couldnt agree more

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