Posted by: SM | July 14, 2009

Stop the World I Want to Get Off

Some days you really should not get out of bed so, in accordance with the way the world obviously wants it, after I have updated GTF I’m off to hide under the duvet and cry. Everything I tried today ended badly, when I tried and tried and tried again to get things going my way I did actually win one or two thanks to the help Steph who was around to stop my head exploding.

Having done the two things I wanted to do for today I must have pissed off someone coz the rest of it went to hell in a hand basket. The MRI did not pick up the phone until 4pm, and I was told an update on Nanna that wasn’t exactly brilliant. Nanna is out of the observation home, but only coz she is back in the hospital because of the chest issues she has had for a while. Everyone reading this right now must send her good thoughts to help her, thank you very much.

It must seem like I’m making the problems of the world my own fault, and believe me I am aware of that. Try as I might to focus on good thoughts and be reasonable about the world when events pile up, the reason I can’t always react reasonably at the moment is precisely why my head is mashed so I’m sorry. I’m making good progress generally, days like this still kick me in the bollocks though and I still find it hard to get back up. It’s not a fancy illness, it’s not what you may call real issues with kids or single mothers or anything but we all have our own stuff.

Thanks to everyone who was around today; hugs go to Steph and family, Amy and even the drummer. Nanna and my Mum and Dad get speshyal hugs. I hope to God someone comes along this weekend. Even Cricket, that was a good thing to focus on for a few days, and I’m not normally a cricket fan. The Ashes is good though.

I love you all, even those I haven’t seen in months are never out of my thoughts.

Peace, Love and Soul – “Penguin”


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